Christine Berrington

IMG_7867Welcome to –  A selection of paintings, drawings and illustrations including recent works and commissions. You can reach me via the Contact page if you need more information. Also on instagram @christineberringtonartist

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Commission Examples

A selection of commissioned work for use in advertising, design and publishing. Alongside some private commissions and portraits.


Some works completed outdoors (in all weathers!!) and some developed back in the studio.

Various images of figures

Places near and far.

Small studies, corners and objects.

Artist and Illustrator

Living and working in Chiswick, west London I have successfully combined a career in commercial artwork, fine art and teaching at various levels.

More recently spending much more time developing my own work…I love to draw, recording and responding to the world around me.  My work is constantly inspired by the effects of light and the way it can mask, reveal and enhance a subject. Often involving figures and their relationship to the space around them, I draw, sketch and explore, then develop these back in my studio.


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